Collecting Evidence

In recent years many refugees have drowned while crossing the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe. In 2016, the official estimates ranged between 3,800 and 5,000 victims, but the real number will never be known. For every person who drowned in the Mediterranean in that year, Anja Matzke embroidered a cross on a long piece of white cloth (Tywag, the material used for the protective suits of forensic investigators). Until now, she has embroidered 3,800 crosses. With her embroidery performance “Collecting Evidence”, she wishes to draw attention to the continuing humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean and to counter the indifference that threatens it.

The installation “Collecting Evidence” was presented at various venues:

  • 2019 Hansaplatz Hamburg

  • 2020 Trinity Church, St. Georg, Hamburg

  • 2021 on a residential building in St. Georg, Hamburg

  • 2021 ART OFF KULTURSOMMER, Hamburg Ost Walk, OberhafenbrĂĽcke and Repsoldstrasse, x-pon art gallery

  • 2022 Administrator house, graveyard St. Marien, Berlin Mitte

  • 2022 Old water tank, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

Material: Tywag, embroidery thread